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High-Quality Stone Masonry Structures to Enhance Your Landscaping

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor living spaces with new brick masonry, you have come to the right place. We are experienced stone designers and installers in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to adapt their work to any soil, climate, and existing features in your property. We can transform your vision into a stunning project that surpasses your expectations. 

Our company prioritizes the balance between landscaping and hardscaping. We ensure your new stonework will blend seamlessly with the rest of your property.

Stone design and construction in Jacksonville, FL
Brick paving contractors in Jacksonville, FL.

Full-Service Residential and Commercial Brick Paving Contractors in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you own a business or residential property, our stone construction services easily adapt to your needs. We can build new retaining walls to provide better access to your business or fire pits to welcome your guests at home. 

We can design and install any stone structure and completely transform your outdoor living spaces. Moreover, we work with all types of bricks and building stones to ensure we deliver the best design for you.

Call us today to enhance your residential or commercial property with quality stone projects in Jacksonville, FL.

Meeting All Your Hardscaping Needs

As Jacksonville’s leading brick paving contractors, we have experience working with all types of stone masonry projects. Whether you’re looking to restore your driveway pavers or upgrade your patio with an outdoor kitchen or fire pit, we can handle it.

Seating Walls & Fire Pits

Fire pit construction near me.

A fire pit with seat walls is a great addition to any patio. They provide a great ambiance during the summer days and warmth during winter. We can design and build a fire pit that greatly adapts to your landscaping and upgrade it even further with a brick wall that serves as a seating area around it

Driveways, Patios, Pathways & Walkways

Driveway construction.

Both homes and businesses can benefit from enhanced driveways, pathways, walkways, or patios. They are a low-maintenance addition to your property that can increase its overall value and make it easier to navigate. They adapt to your landscape and make your home or business more inviting to guests or customers.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchen construction in Jacksonville, FL.

Outdoor kitchens are also a great addition to any home or business. Restaurants can benefit from outdoor kitchens by providing extra space for cooks and an extra area for mixing drinks, preparing food, and grilling. In residential properties, outdoor kitchens are great for barbecues and having guests over.

Why Choose Us?

At River Stonework, we offer paving solutions that adapt to your preferences and prioritize your needs. We have years of experience providing stone construction and design solutions to homes and businesses throughout Jacksonville, Florida. 

Our designers and builders know how to come up with the best structure that adapts to your landscape, taking your soil type, drainage, climate, and existing features into account. Furthermore, we strive to provide budget-conscious services, keeping costs and project size within the right scope without compromising the quality of the building materials.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on offering superior customer service, exceeding your expectations, and answering any questions. Your new stone project is in the right hands with us.


High-Quality Stone Design and Construction in Jacksonville, FL

Enhance your landscape with high-quality and low-maintenance hardscaping structures. Take your outdoor living spaces to the next level, contact Jacksonville’s leading brick paving contractors. Give us a call today for a free estimate!