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Make the Best Use of Your Outdoor Space with Custom Seating Walls

Brick and stone retaining walls are not just functional structures; they also add a touch of elegance and visual appeal to any property. At River Stonework, our team of Jacksonville masonry contractors help you bring your vision to life and take the best advantage of your outdoor space. 

We are committed to delivering top-notch craftsmanship and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our team utilizes high-quality masonry materials and the latest techniques to construct durable and visually striking concrete retaining wall block structures that complement your existing landscape and architecture seamlessly.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let our team of experts help you achieve your dream outdoor space with our exceptional seating wall design and installation services.

Seating walls design in Jacksonville, FL.
Firepit design and installation services.

Enjoy your Backyard Year-Round with an Outdoor Fire Pit 

Imagine cozy evenings spent gathered around a warm and inviting outdoor fireplace, creating memories with loved ones. Our skilled team is here to turn that vision into a reality. 

With our expertise in hardscaping and masonry, we design and construct fire pits that are not only functional but also add a touch of elegance to your outdoor living space.

From traditional designs to modern styles, we work closely with you to create a structure that reflects your style and complements your existing landscape. 

Enjoy your backyard year-round by transforming your outdoor area. Contact us today to discuss your outdoor fireplace project.


Why Invest in Seating Walls?

These structures bring both practicality and charm to your outdoor space. They provide additional seating options, define areas, and add a stylish touch to your landscape design. Explore the added benefits of these stunning structures:

Prevent Erosion

Sitting walls act as effective barriers against erosion, preventing soil and sediment from washing away. They stabilize the land, safeguarding your property and preserving its integrity.

Increase Property Value

These sitting structures not only enhance the aesthetics of your property but also increase its value. Additionally, they make your property more desirable and attractive to potential buyers.

Upgrade Curb Appeal

Seating walls add a touch of elegance and structure to your landscape, enhancing the overall aesthetics and creating a welcoming and visually appealing entrance to your property.

Planting & Entertainment Space

These versatile structures allow for tiered gardens, raised beds, and leveled areas, providing ample room for plants, seating, and outdoor activities. Unleash your creativity with stunning masonry.

Outdoor Architecture that Adapts to Your Existing Garden Design

At River Stonework, we take pride in our ability to seamlessly adapt our masonry services to suit your existing landscape. We understand that every property is unique, and we strive to create hardscaping features that harmonize with your outdoor environment. 

Whether you have a traditional garden or a modern architectural style, our skilled team of Jacksonville masonry contractors will work closely with you to incorporate your vision into the design.

We carefully consider factors such as the surrounding vegetation, architectural elements, and overall aesthetics to ensure that our masonry work blends flawlessly with your property. 

Trust us to transform your landscape while preserving its natural beauty and character.

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Bring Your Outdoor Living Spaces to a Whole New Level

Ready to enhance your outdoor entertainment spaces? Contact River Stonework today and let us bring your vision to life. From retaining walls to fire pits, we deliver stunning hardscaping features that elevate your landscape. Reach out now for a consultation!

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Designs Tailored to You

River Stonework is dedicated to crafting customized masonry structures that precisely align with our clients’ desires and requirements. We collaborate with you from the start to the finish, ensuring every aspect matches your vision flawlessly. With our expertise, we help you optimize your outdoor living area to its utmost potential.

Industry Leaders

With extensive expertise in outdoor living design and construction, we boast a proven history of surpassing customer expectations. Our years of knowledge and experience allow us to seamlessly integrate our work into your current garden design, while maintaining a keen eye for artistic and aesthetic excellence.

Superior Customer Service

We deliver exceptional customer service, prioritizing our clients’ requirements above all else. Our comprehensive design and installation services are fully tailored to suit each customer’s distinct preferences and lifestyle. We ensure that every aspect of our work meets and exceeds expectations.